The Gill Family Corp is committed to creating new opportunities and building relationships with partners, tenants and our community.

Gordon and Margaret Gill built their legacy through a lifetime of investments, development, and ongoing property management. This legacy is known today as the Gill Family Corp.

We are committed to maintaining this legacy by growing a profitable, sustainable and community connected company, for the benefit of current and future family members, stakeholders and partners.

The Gill Family Corp is built on the strategic planning and intentional execution of development opportunities that maximise value. This is done with the assistance of lifelong partnerships and the creation of new partnerships through joint ventures. Thanks to our innovative approach to future living – stemming from Gordon’s vision for ‘a place like no other’ – developments such as St.Germain, our flagship development, have become the blueprint for urban planning in Melbourne.

The Gill Family Corp continues to build on the legacy of Gordon and Margaret, identifying valuable opportunities and bringing developments to life for the benefit of the family, communities and all stakeholders. 

Our People


People are at the core of what we do. Our Board consists of some of the industry’s best talent, who have a proven track record in delivering value.

Our Board is made up of three shareholder directors and three independent non-executive directors. This balanced board structure ensures the Gill Family Corp is flexible and responsive to market conditions, while taking a strategic approach to achieve sustainable growth and income.

Development and Management Team

Our current and future development pipeline is managed and operated by the Executive and Development Team. Our team has a proven track record of conceiving and delivering landmark developments to the upmost standards of quality and profitability.