Our core expertise lies within the property and capital markets. We focus on capital investment, property development and management to achieve our vision for continued growth and diversification.


At the Gill Family Corp, we create innovative, sustainable, and future – focused developments. We have achieved substantial growth via forward thinking, coupled with an innate understanding of property market trends. A considered evolution has created the Gill Family Corp’s diverse development portfolio which has been held strategically to maximise future growth opportunities.

Our property portfolio spans across multiple sectors; medical, residential, commercial, retail, and industrial. Our flagship estate, St.Germain, is a 171ha site featuring a diverse land use mix of residential land subdivision, medium density, and non-residential (medical/commercial/retail). The balance of properties developed and owned by the Gill Family Corp are located across Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.  

We are driven by our commitment to quality which is at the core of everything we do. We have strong ethics backed up by our people, policies, procedures, and governing structures. We prosper from our management team’s depth of development experience across the property spectrum.

Development Partners


The Gill Family Corp makes strategic investments to meet our core goal of growth and profitability. We take pride in investing in businesses to create sustainable financial futures and enjoy the success that we ourselves have achieved. We have a diverse interest in companies and seek opportunities to use our capital to achieve greater success beyond our own development outcomes.  

Our key investment partners include financiers, estate agents, joint venture partners, multi-national tenant customers and development experts to highlight a select group.


The Gill Family Corp manages a broad portfolio of assets and has done so for over 50 years. Our anchor tenants include Coles, Endeavour Group, IPN Medical Group, Marina Radiology and many others. Our anchor tenants are complimented by a suite of specialty operators with whom we also enjoy rich, long-standing relationships. We pride ourselves on collaborating with our tenants to maximise value and provide lasting property solutions.  

As the developer and owner of the assets under our management, we take pride in delivering quality outcomes with a long-term view for success.  The Gill Family Corp has a long history of partnering with a diverse range of businesses to satisfy all property needs, offering adaptive solutions as the needs of our business partners evolve though market evolutions and fluctuations. It is our nimble approach that offers our partners maximum flexibility.