St.Germain Central Opens

Gill Family Corp were overwhelmingly proud to present the new St.Germain town centre to the community on 30 November! Thanks to Coles for hosting a colourful and welcoming store opening event, including a special Welcome to Country from Uncle Mark Brown, and speeches from dignitaries including Coles Group Non-Executive Director Wendy Stops and Gill Family Corp CEO David Blumenthal.

This is a major milestone for Gill Family Corp with St.Germain Central offering a full-line Coles store and featuring 19 other diverse tenancies.  It’s a truly fantastic new community hub and the first of a range of facilities that we’ll be delivering to the St.Germain community over the coming months and years.

Special thanks to all our valued partners and advisers on the project too (including Coles Group, ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects, Hutchinson Builders, Urban Pty Ltd, Facey Property, Macpherson Kelley, Beveridge Williams and CHP Management).

The support and attendance from the Clyde North community was humbling and we are ever so grateful to the St.Germain residents for their patronage. If you live in the area, we encourage you to take a look, it is certainly a place like no other!