James Sturgess

James Sturgess is the National Director of Development and has been part of the Macpherson Kelley executive team since the mid 90’s. He has been a driving force within the firm as a commercial lawyer for more than 35 years.

James’ expertise in working with managing directors and senior management has given him a detailed insight into what clients need from a law firm. His personal experience of being involved in the growth and development of Macpherson Kelley is invaluable for clients and their particular circumstances. He approaches business development always from the perspective of what is in it for the client – what is their growth strategy, their exit plan, their personal goals and what is holding them back. This level of detail also enables him to assess whether Macpherson Kelley is the right law firm for a client. James’ years of experience certainly provides clients with a view to the options that can present and also, how that can work in a family business context.

In his role as National Director of Development, James also focuses on the firm and the next generation of Macpherson Kelley leaders. Collaborating with our National Managing Principal Lawyer, Grant Guenther, he uses years of experience to mentor our up and coming senior lawyers, to ensure the expertise and culture of the firm remains strong.